Choking on words

Choking on words




There’s no stopping those Wikileaks!


In back-to-back interviews, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange criticized the U.S. media for “incredible politicization” in its coverage of the presidential election.  He said they were biased.  And he’s got a few more surprises on Hillary’s emails up his sleeve.

Assange spoke from the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he has lived for nearly five years. He’s fighting extradition to Sweden where he is wanted on charges relating to sexual assault.  What an exciting life he must have with those wild and crazy Ecuadorians!



Rocking it in Ecuador!


Assange said information regarding Clinton’s health is fair game…..because hacking one’s guts out at every event is a bit unusual. They have information on Trump as well, but whatever comes out of his mouth everyday is either funny, stupid or newsworthy.

It is difficult “for us to publish more controversial material than what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth every day,” Assange said. He also suggested Clinton and other officials have enjoyed a form of “elite immunity.”

So the takeaways are that Assange is doing the work the media should be doing in the US.  It also defines the unique privilege and tolerance for corruption the establishment has for its inner circle.  Four dozen dead people (coincidentally or course) in your wake would shut me up just like it did Loretta Lynn.



Five out of six ladies in this photo knew a secret about the Clintons …. guess which ones.


It also shows that many view Trump as a reality star/carnival barker with no chance of winning.  The race is close in spite of the fact Hillary has raised $435 million to Trump’s $127 million.  Usually money flat out wins.



Maybe being a carnival barker helps.  I dunno.




According to the latest studies about 3.8% of Americans consider themselves gay.  Oddly enough, the public estimates the number to be much higher.  In polls, Americans estimate 23% of their fellow Americans to be gay.  Hmmmmmm.



It is difficult to train a chicken.


That being said, two things become very apparent.  The first is: LGBTQA-LMNOPQRSTUV crowd has gigantic clout in American for such a small fraction of populace.  They get cranky and shazam, laws get passed overnight.  Even the Supreme Court rules on something that is beyond their scope.  Really, they did.

A man became woman of the year for ESPN and we now have to endure anyone and everyone in public bathrooms and showers.  I think is no longer a need for biology class.  Yes, the group has clout.

Apparently our doo dads are now invisible and have no real purpose other than decoration……like Christmas tree ornaments.



Young Patina volunteered to be the family Christmas tree when they were very poor.


The other thing that is clear from these stats is that your neighbor thinks one out of four in your neighborhood is gay.  So, if you’re a guy, skip the manicure and start wearing black socks with sandals.  If you’re a woman, ditch your flannel winter wear no matter how warm it is……and buy a Toyota instead of your “safe Suburu”.




Everybody is suspect…..even the pooch.





Situations like this make it harder and harder to trust flying monkeys.  Right?




For some reason our government has made gender bending all the rage.  We cannot create enough issues to keep people employed splitting hairs for this group.  Just look at some of the silliness the USDA is engaged in.  That’s the good ole’ US Department of Agriculture.  It’s no longer just for farmers.



This drives our government crazy.  Just look at them!


  1. LGBT safe space training

The Forest Service, an agency within the USDA, paid more than $12,000 for customized “LGBT safe space” training for its staff, according to government contracts.



….yes, this is what is needed.


Employees at Siuslaw and Williamette National Forests in Oregon received the training from a company that specializes in “empowering change agents.”

Two separate contracts totaling $12,025 were awarded earlier this year to DRC Learning Solutions, a Portland, Oregon-based company.

It appears a tornado shelter is no longer a safe space.  They need mood lighting, fluffy blankets, dry diapers and their binkies to farm.  Remember when it took hard work, long hours and dedication?  Now it’s pure corn, manure and social programs.

  1. Summits for lesbian farmers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (yes, them again) is holding summits to promote the role of lesbian farmers as a part of its “Rural Pride” campaign.  I bet every farming community is crying out for more lesbian farmers.  Eeeee eye, Eeeee eye oh.



Putting potatoes in ones drawers was a way early “spinster” farmers kept men at bay.


The agency is working with singer and LGBT activist Cyndi Lauper for a “day of conversation” about the struggles of gay and transgender individuals in rural America. They want to change the perception of what it means to be a farmer in America away from the “white, rich male.”   They would like to introduce poor mixed race lesbian farmers to broaden our horizons.

Cyndi is all for lesbian and transgender farmers, preferably of many colors.  By the way…. Does the term cowpoke infer gender?  Just asking.



This was before it was trendy for ladies to shave their legs……


  1. Studying how climate change affects gender

The USDA’s Forest Service also funded a study on the impact of climate change on gender, including LGBTTQ individuals.  What do all those letters mean?  This is really only half of the proper term…..

The study, “Climate Change Through an Intersectional Lens: Gendered Vulnerability and Resilience in Indigenous Communities in the United States,” investigated how global warming will impact men, women, and LGBTTQ individuals focusing on traditional responsibilities, diet, public health, economic impact and culture of the various genders within the indigenous communities.  I know.  Blather.

Yes, kiddies, climate change (if it’s real) will certainly impact the LGBTQ community differently.  This narrative could go completely off the rails here so it’s time to move on…..



Brokeback Mountain is a much older story than previously thought.




Obama’s 18-year-old daughter Malia made headlines recently or being caught in a photo smoking marijuana.  And no….that was not me next to her.

During Obama’s family vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Malia was reported busted for being at a party that was shut down for noise complaints. The secret service came and took her away right as the police came in.



Let’s hope she never becomes a marijuana girl!


She will be going to Harvard University. A video was released of Malia smoking a joint and twerking.  Obama told everyone that he was ‘furious’ at Malia for it.

She didn’t bring daddy a doobie and he cannot twerk.  He had Reefer Madness!




Every time Hillary calls for Trump’s taxes to be released, he should simply say he emailed them to her.





Hillary got her sense of style from her great, great uncle Caitlyn Rodham Bruce.




Serious.  No joke zone.


Sunni extremists are infiltrating the United States with the help of smugglers in South America and are crossing U.S. borders with ease, according to a U.S. South Command intelligence report.  Yes, our government admits it!

The Command’s J-2 intelligence directorate recently reported that “special interest aliens” are working with a known alien smuggling network in Latin America to reach the United States.  Who is shocked?

Army Col. Lisa A. Garcia, a Southcom spokeswoman, did not address the intelligence report directly but said Sunni terrorist infiltration is a security concern.  That’s code for, “They are flooding in you stupid fools”.

“Networks that specialize in smuggling individuals from regions of terrorist concern, mainly from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, the Middle East, and East Africa, are indeed a concern for Southcom and other interagency security partners who support our country’s national security,” Garcia told the reporters.

I forget…..why are we allowing this?  Oh yes……. because it is working so well in Europe.  They are only experiencing murders, rapes, kidnapping, pedophilia and other fun stuff on a regular basis.

Chew on these stats.  10% of the Syrian population is Christian.  We are taking virtually none of them in because they generally vote a certain way.  Look it up.

In the US we are taking in 99+% Muslims refugees from Syria, because they will vote a certain way.  Over 300,000 in the last few years.

72% of the Muslim refugees arriving in Europe are males 18-45.  27.7% are elderly, women, children and a whole .3% Christians.  That’s POINT 3%.

One article pointed out there were zero women and children on one of the ships.  Government officials said the women and children were in a separate boat so they wouldn’t get raped.  Isn’t that nice……so they wouldn’t get raped by the men pouring into the West.

It’s kinda scary.




The Trump statues.  You may have seen them.  Placed around the East Coast.  Mocked and photographed.

Flabby older middle aged man, no family jewels, man boobs and microscopic manhood.  The press and social media had a blast with it.


Millions of photos and videos.


If somebody did that to Obama, they would be a racist.  If they did that to Hillary, they would be sexist They did it to Trump and media was made it an international insult..

That’s how the media trains people to think.  Think about that!

But his hair looked good and his face was a brilliant Cheeto color. 



Donald got many style tips from his great, great uncle Ronald Mac.




Colleges are where some young people go to get wussifed and incur massive debt.  Here is a fine example why they cannot leave home or tie their shoes at age 25.

A new academic paper from an Ivy League professor suggests that presidential candidate Donald Trump has more in common with Lord Voldemort than Abraham Lincoln.  Ivy League……sure.



The Donald is meaner, badder and worser than this.


“Similarities between Donald Trump and Harry Potter’s nemesis, Lord Voldemort, have not gone without notice during the 2016 campaign,” wrote University of Pennsylvania Political Science Professor Diana Mutz, in her paper for the American Political Science Association’s journal.

Excerpts from the pinhead professor’s study entitled “Harry Potter and the Deathly Donald” …….

She believes that Harry Potter was so impactful on Americans, he will determine the election.  “Because Trump’s political views are widely viewed as opposed to the values espoused in the Harry Potter series, exposure to the Potter series may play an influential role in influencing how Americans respond to Donald Trump.”



A picture of the author.  She is odd……but an Ivy League prof none the less.


Mutz polled a sample of about 1,200 Americans and only asked them about their consumption of Harry Potter-related media and their attitudes toward various political issues and Trump.  She operates like our very own media.

National and international media praised the paper as a work of academic wizardry.  Genius.

“Could Harry Potter fans be the key to snatching victory away from Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election in November?” Newsweek asked late this summer.

The UK newspaper The Independent exclaimed “Harry Potter could help stop Donald Trump becoming US president” in a recent edition.

Technology blog Gizmodo asked in July, “Can Harry Potter Affect This Presidential Election?”



The media can make some people tired and want to lie down by a pond.


“Can Harry Potter defeat Donald Trump? Is his orange wig actually a horcrux (not a bad word) that, if captured, could weaken the strength of his electoral base?” she wrote in the conclusion of the paper. “Just as He-Who-Must-Not-Be- Named gains power from having others refer to him, is Trump’s appeal likewise a function of nonstop media fascination and repetition?

“Perhaps most importantly, these findings raise the hope that Harry Potter (Hillary in a cape with matching pantsuit underneath) can stop the Deathly Donald from making America great again in the eyes of the world, just as Harry did by ridding the wizard world of evil Voldemort.”  Those are the words of an Ivy League professor.

So if I understand this genius, Harrily Potonton can defeat Volderump in this election through magical, mystical means.  Harrily is totally ready.  She has perfected coughing spells better than anybody that’s still alive.  At a recent rally in Cleveland she was hacking so hard, she reportedly spit up small frogs into a glass at a rally so she didn’t have to answer a question.  Magic!

Expectoratum Baloneyoleo!


Fortunately, the frogs won America’s Got Talent and now have a gig in Vegas opening for Cher.






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4 thoughts on “Choking on words”

  1. Rickshala

    Oh, Hillaryous,
    Why even give space on your blog to this predator Assange? You know, of course, that he is a lesbian farmer with the goal of creating two watermelons that are identical except for possible mullet shapes. Your never-ending bashing of the sainted Hillary Clinton is getting worse than passé. Let’s worry about the election of 2020 when we will finally elect Betty White to be our first queen. Never mind that she will be 100 that year as centenarians are the new 90. She will do a smash-up job and is far more prepared than your friend Donald or my friend Hillary.


    1. rcs innovations Post author

      Oh Rickshalalalalala,
      There is no fondness for Assange, only sadness that our own media refuses to report the truth that he does and the sheep don’t care. Unfortunately, our nation has leaders far worse than Assange. We have seen the world’s best healthcare system destroyed for political gain, the IRS targeting political enemies and go untouched, an ambassador (and others) killed for no reason and nobody held accountable, snub our best ally in the middle east and allow the worst to make nuclear bombs and spread terrorism then reward them with $33 billion (and say it was $140 million) to spread more terror, watch the fall of a stable Egypt to a muslim lead regional power, watch Turkey turn away from NATO, see Russia make the US look like a wussie pissant everywhere in the world, seen our military reduce to a shell of what it was, watch our military leaders gutted for having a political leaning different that an administration, seen our national debt double in eight years, watch our borders become invisible, persecute our citizens over radicals, allow a secretary of state to use a family foundation as a personal ATM funded by bribery money from foreign governments, see our FBI and and our DOJ turn away from democratic principles and our Constitution and become rubber stamps for corruption at the highest level, had our Supreme Court hijacked from being a court to decide constitutionality to one that pushes political agenda, have government officials lie before Congress, the FBI, and the DOJ and walk way unscathed and yet worthy of office kind of upsets me. We choose to ignore the destruction of the balance of power (and virtually every country) in the Middle East and giving rise to ISIS happened under the leadership of basically two people. Kerry is simply mopping up poop from his predecessor. Anybody like Hillary that was a part of any or all of the above should be called out. Unfortunately our media is in bed with the establishment of both parties so the few gripes I listed go unnoticed and and unpublished. I dunno, perhaps we have been taken over by our enemies and are too blind to notice. Assange (the dirtball he is) has only pointed out the truth hidden from the public by our corrupt leaders and the complicit media. Hillary fared no better or worse than Trump in my diatribes. Look back and see that Donald the Cheeto has never walked away untouched. Whenever Hillary is critiqued, she is picked on. In my eyes, she is not above the law or beyond accountability. She is favored and shielded by the press. Betty is more honest, healthier and does not have four dozen dead people in her wake……only B moves and storied TV career. Bless her and all America……. even Bill, Hillary, Trump and the hot wife, the Bush who is still messing up the eight years of Obama terms and Barbara Bush who just could be Betty’s sister. And go on YouTube and google Hillary spitting in a glass. They are possible lozenges, mucous, frogs or alien blood. It is a must watch for you. Peace and Happiness to you and yours…….and remember, it’s all a joke, none of what I said is real. Except for the stuff about Trump. That’s real.
      really real.



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