Wash, rinse, repeat

Wash, rinse, repeat




We Never Learn…..




Yes…. we are all being guided by the “Big Fishes”!


This was originally written four years ago.  It still rings true.  Today we find ourselves in the same place with our politicians.  Our presidential candidates are both basket cases.

One is a career politician and a pathological liar and the other speaks as if he has no brain or filter.  We have had almost 16 years of erratic and often inconsistent leadership.  Looks like we are in for more of the same with either candidate.



Whoever saw a fat Meth user?  Anyone?


The old blog read as follows:

The dust has finally settled on the “tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires” and we extended unemployment bennies so people don’t have to take one of those lower paying jobs for at least a another year.  Of course, we are going to pay for all of this by printing tons of nice new crisp money and calling it all a stimulus package.  Hooray!  Problem solved.

Our leaders worked hard for this compromise.  They all got together and made nice.  They did a little give and take, found some center ground and told us they just averted a double dip recession.  Oh sure there was the wailing and the gnashing of teeth by the far, far,  far left and the far, far, far right, but cooler heads prevailed.



Too much to say…..too little time.


We got compromise!  Side note: Does it seem like both sides are getting pretty extreme?  You know, like lunatic fringe?

Were you moved hearing them talk about reaching across the aisle and working together?  Were you touched to hear that there were trade-offs by the president and the Republicans in congress?  Did it bring a tear to your eye knowing that we are being taken care of by our leaders because they were able to put partisanship aside?  Then they told us it was actually a stimulus package.  It is good for the country.  It was all a bucket of you know what just a few months ago, but now it’s a STIMULUS PACKAGE!!!!!!



Yes indeed.  Little Cedric thought it was thick delicious chalky milk.  He did all the way to 11th grade.  He was 23.


What they really told us is that the issues that they ran their campaigns on in October and November were all baloney, what was bad for the country a few months ago is now good.  We saw leaders of both parties strong arm their members to get this thing signed.  Once they did, they bragged about it publicly and hated it privately.

Well, it did little to restore my faith in government when I saw both parties completely cave on principles that they once held so close to their hearts during the last election.  I’m not picking a side; I just see what I see.

When I heard about the back and forth by both parties I thought we are the ones that are being double dipped.  Not once did we hear about the debt they keep adding to, we only heard the puffing and posturing of our politicians.  There’s an election in a few years and our president and congressmen started running hard for re-election with this vote.  The only thing missing is those obnoxious TV commercials.



Please……consider your Adam’s Apple!


So let’s look at this a little more closely:

Fact:  The top 1% of income earners pay about one third of all taxes.  Hefty, hefty, hefty.

Fact:  Middle-class Americans–not the rich or the poor–pay the majority of annual tax revenues taken in by the federal government, according to data released in a new Congressional Budget Office study.  Ouch!

Fact:  Households earning less than $34,300 per year, meanwhile, actually pay a negative average federal income tax rate.   Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.



Perfect for coughs, asthma and bad breath.  Still good today.


When it comes to the federal income tax alone (as opposed to Social Security, Medicare, excise and other taxes) the lower income brackets actually paid a negative rate, thanks to programs such as the Earned Income Tax Credit that paid people a “credit” for income taxes they never paid. The average federal income tax rate for households earning less than $34,300, according to the CBO, was a -0.4 percent in 2007, and the average federal income tax rate for households earning less than $20,500 was -6.8 percent.  Yup!  A credit for taxes they never paid.  Juicy.

So in the end as a businessman or just an individual, what does compromise really mean?  We see from politicians on both sides that it means to completely forego your core beliefs.  At some point isn’t right right and wrong wrong?  I have always thought of myself as a middle of the road type of person.  I know in my past I have made compromises both in my personal and professional life.  I even thought it was the right thing to do almost all of the time.  In retrospect, it often wasn’t.  I caved because it was easier and safer.



…..even her hat is made from Jell-O!


When we turn our back on something that we know is right (or truly believe in), it diminishes us as a co-worker, a leader or a business owner.  When our leaders tell us something is morally wrong (like maintaining the current tax rate for the wealthy) and then vote it in, don’t they give up a chunk of their integrity?  When they vote to extend unemployment benefits for another year and have no means to pay for it, aren’t they just putting us deeper in debt and prolonging the problem? Wasn’t this whole compromise just politicians shoring up their political bases?

As businessmen and women, we need to have the trust and confidence of our employees and co-workers.  We must demonstrate that we are honest and individuals of principle.  It takes more guts to agree to disagree and move on then to go back on our word and spin it to be something totally different than what we said we believe in.  It takes character to make hard decisions.  The way this last episode in DC played out, it makes you wonder what our leaders really believe in….sometimes it seems like their core beliefs are based on getting elected and re-elected….and nothing else.



Please….for the baby’s sake!


I am not a tax expert, but it does begin to make me think about a flat tax.  Even those in a lower income group should pay taxes.  It’s called being vested in the system.  Let those that want government programs feel the bite of those programs.  Let those with massive entitlement programs know what it feels like to carry them too.  Have them pay half.  We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.

In many instances, government employees never had to contribute a penny to their pensions.  It all comes from our taxes.  And that old excuse that as a public servant they had to forego the riches to be had in the private sector is hogwash.   Should they have the free pension and free health insurance and be allowed to retire years ahead of the rest of us?  Why should some work until 67 so others can retire at 58?  On the other hand, are some of us a little jealous?  Hmmmmmm is all I can say.



Do you suffer from acid leg sweat?


The private sector has not been so shy.  When our health insurance rates go up, we pay for it, when our benefits get scaled back, we deal with it.  If we don’t put money into our 401k, we don’t get anything, we feel it…so should we all.  The fact is times are tough and as a country we have to stop with the free rides and the coddling of voting blocks.

When our personal income drops, we have to cut back in our household expenses.  So should our leaders.  Yes, they may lose some of those voters that they catered to and it may cost them being re-elected, but at least they would be doing the right thing.  The fact is that the wars, the bailouts and the entitlement programs have taken a horrific toll on our country…and now we have to pay the piper.  It’s pretty simple, if you don’t take in more money then you spend, you go broke.



Yummy!  Lime Jell-O with cottage cheese then filled with fresh canned tuna! 

Those were the days.


When compromise adds to the downfall of your business, you know you screwed up.  I haven’t heard that type of honesty from either political party and they both have made a mess of things….both parties….a big stinking mess.  If our country was a business, both parties would have filed for bankruptcy over and over again.

December 20, 2010, Wisconsin based Kohler Co.  ratified a new union agreement.  The contract calls for a 5-year pay freeze, and workers will pay more for health insurance. As an incentive to ratify it, the company offered $1,000 signing bonuses plus additional holiday pay this year. The deal also includes a two-tier wage system and extensive use of temporary labor. The company was simply going to pull up stakes and leave if it wasn’t ratified.  They said that they were done negotiationg.  It passed by over 60%.  Similar changes happened with other companies all over the country.  The private sector sees it and acts.  Bureaucrats just don’t get it.



The Krazminski sisters. 

Each with a drum full of Beech Nut gum in snappy hats their mother made.


The states have to fall in line too.  Some states (and we know which ones) have buried themselves in debt and don’t want to make the hard decisions to get out.  The double dipping of state pensions, the unlimited resources of the tax payers went to the heads of politicians in a number of states going back years.  Abuse, abuse, abuse.  They are broke and nobody wants to give up a single benefit and nobody has the guts to take them away.    You can’t keep borrowing money if you can’t pay it back.  Stop the insanity!

Politicians need to be innovative.  How about cutting unemployment benefits in half after a year?  We all know people that don’t want to take lower paying jobs then the ones they had a year ago.  It is more beneficial to collect unemployment and utilize the government benefits that go with it.  It’s just too attractive not to work if you can sit on your butt and still pay your bills.  I know these people.



Bring this to the next pot luck!  Make friends.  Spam….Peaches.  Mmmmmmm


I would venture a guess that many would find jobs, maybe even two of them to make ends meet if they lost half of their benefits.  There are jobs out there if somebody wants to work.  Sometimes it’s just easier to take the hand out.

I really don’t get the theory of “Let’s go after the rich” either.  The people that pay the least in taxes (if they pay any at all) are often the ones chanting that mantra.  Where did the entrepreneurial spirit that made this country great go?  When did it become a crime to work hard and be successful?  Why do we demonize individuals that are successful?   We don’t demonize pro athletes or celebrities that make insane amounts of money for nothing.  But let somebody be successful in business and we say they make too much….tax the crap out of them!



Real ad….Ivory Soap.  That’s a nurse with the garden hose.  No comment.


There is plenty of waste to cut spending in our government….it’s just that nobody has the courage to act.  It affects voters.  Yes, some people will hate what happens to their pensions, their hourly rates, their salary, and their benefits.  There will be moaning and groaning and lawsuits for sure.  But millions of us have felt it for some time.  We have to run our government like a business.  It’s called “Pay as you go”.  If there is no money for it, it’s not funded.  Free rides are over!

And please God, make them stop funding asinine programs like ethanol subsidies.  Really, turning food into an inefficient fuel is about as stupid as it gets.  And there are tons of inane programs and projects that can go by the wayside tomorrow.  We need the money.  Stop the idiotic earmarks.  I don’t care about the breeding cycle of the Fuzzy Mayfly.



Nurse Denton knows how to punish children.


Do the same with your business.  Quit piddling money away on goofy stuff.  Make smart decisions and don’t compromise if you know you are right.  Make your actions align with your talk and be true to your vision.  Communicate with your people.  Let them know where you are taking the company.  Let them be a part of your success. 

Rekindle the American dream in yourself and your employees.  Don’t say you are for one thing then fail to put forth the effort to make it happen.   It makes you a phony.  Your employees have hopes and dreams for a brighter future for themselves and families.  Give them the opportunity to succeed.  Your company will grow and be healthier then ever before.

Finally, I am not against compromise.  Lots of subjects have grey areas.  Some do not.  As an amateur observer of politics I cannot stomach the insane, rigid rhetoric during the campaign season, followed by a 180 degree turn on promises (and principle).  I hate it when they sugarcoat it with this compromise blather.  That’s not right.  Compromise should not be a four letter word…politicians just make it one.



The perfect gift.  Buy Duz laundry soap and get a 60 cent meat cleaver. 

Goes together like Clinton and Trump.  Way to go America!






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