“New to You” Office Refresh

The RCS Commercial Interiors Team guided Custom Service Hardware through the design process, ultimately procuring cubicle units and furnishing their conference rooms during a new building move in 2021.


Custom Service Hardware (CSH) is a leader in the wholesale hardware industry. CSH supplies over 50,000 products to builders, contractors, retailers, and homeowners worldwide, aiming to help everyone from DIYminded individuals to large cabinet shops realize their visions for their home projects.

Previously located in Cedarburg, WI, CSH moved its operation to Jackson, WI, in 2021 to accommodate its current and future growth. The new facility currently houses seventy employees with 100,000 square feet combined office and warehouse space.


The CSH team was excited about their new space transitioning from a one-level office to two levels with great natural light and a much-needed warehouse expansion. The previous company occupying the facility left an open canvas that motivated them to create an aesthetic space in which employees liked to work. CSH decided to install functional yet appealing cubicles in the empty spaces that not only gave privacy but still had an open feel. Repurposing their existing cubicles from their Cedarburg office was an option that was considered, but they were older and didn’t match the color scheme of the new space. This decision sent their Chief Financial Officer, Michele Horst, on a hunt for lightly used, “new to them” cubicles to refresh and outfit their new space.

After hours of scouring the internet for used office furniture, Michele had hit a dead end. While interested in design, the CFO was not an interiors expert and didn’t know the office furniture market, the size of cubicles needed, or what would make the space look up-to-date. Due to prior relationships with the RCS Commercial Interiors team, she contacted them to assist and guide her on outfitting the space with practical cubicles that looked great, were available, and adhered to CSH’s budget.


An RCS Commercial Interiors team member visited the new space soon after being contacted by CSH. They listened to Michele articulate CSH’s vision for the area and the needs of the employees in just one visit, returning a week later with fabric samples, furniture recommendations, and ways to procure the cubicles the team desired.

RCS Commercial Interiors was able to simplify the design process by prevetting furniture options and ensuring they meet CSH’s requirements, including size restrictions of the space and the desired aesthetic feel. They also narrowed down the recommendations, so CSH did not feel inundated with too many choices regarding final decisions.


The RCS team procured 100 used, matching cubicle units, of which the CSH team bought about 30 units. This allowed them to try out different configurations and have extra units for spare parts if needed. The delivery was fast and efficient, with the units arriving before CSH needed them, who could now rest easy knowing they would be in hand in time for the move. While setting up the cubicles, the CSH team realized they would benefit from guided installation instruction. CSH called on RCS, who then provided two team members to help coach them in setting up a template unit. From there, CSH finished setting up the “new to them” cubicles, successfully furnishing their office space.

The project didn’t end there, though. The RCS team also provided recommendations to outfit CSH’s two conference rooms, allowing the CSH team to pivot from their original idea. At first, they thought of including nesting tables in the spaces, but the RCS team advised them the rooms weren’t a suitable size for them. In addition, when nested together, the tables can be unlevel, causing frustration with use. If the CSH team was not using a classroom layout often, nesting tables were not the answer. The RCS team recommended a traditional, tech-enabled conference room layout with foldable chairs that still met the requirements of having a flexible, Zoom-ready space.

Prior to contacting RCS for their conference room needs, they were in discussions with another company that provided quotes out-of-scope, didn’t interpret their needs for the space correctly, and followed a complicated process that overwhelmed their team. CSH was grateful for RCS’s simplified design process and appreciated that recommendations were provided to fit both vision and scope, allowing them to enjoy using these additional spaces in a way that worked best. T E


“I didn’t know where to begin when we acquired our new building in 2021. I wanted furniture that met the needs of the office and warehouse employees. The RCS Commercial Interiors team took the stress and overwhelming feeling out of figuring out what to do. They guided, presented consumable options and recommendations, and made it very easy to furnish our space.”

MICHELE HORST Chief Financial Officer, Customer Service Hardware