AIS Divi System Standard Single Booth Cubicle 5×5

Slice, dice, and define the open plan with Divi – now featuring a linear trim. This smart, scalable panel system was made for the realities of modern work, where people need a healthy balance of privacy and connection. Divi Linear is offered in monolithic, segmented, glass and limited stack panels, used alone or blended. Additional panel options include embossed metal, laminate and whiteboard. Change the look of open plan with upmounted storage and frameless upmount or recessed frameless glass screens.

This listing offers all of the parts and pieces for the drawn plan seen beside this. It is but a sampling of the possibilities that Divi can offer. For more typicals, specific drawings, and pricing details, please give us a call at: +1 (800) 283-7274 x400 and we’ll help you design something that is perfect for your space!

Call for availability and current pricing. Alternate options may be available. (800)283-7274


Tier Pricing

Quantity Discount (%) Price
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2+ 0 % $2,550.00