VIDEO: Paralysed cat uses homemade wheelchair to get around

Heartwarming footage shows a disabled kitten whizzing around on a wheelchair made from a plastic bottle and toy car wheels. 

Constanza Hernandez, 37, túi xách nữ thời trang discovered little Angelito lying in a puddle in Colombia at just 15 days old. He was emaciated and had deformed rear legs. 

Vets advised her to put the tiny white kitten to sleep, after he was diagnosed with an untreatable spinal defect.  

But she nursed ‘Angel’ back to health and now, thanks to the prosthetic wheels, the cat is living a full life.

Constanza Hernandez, 37, discovered Angelito lying in a puddle (pictured together).The 15-day-old kitten was emaciated and had deformed rear legs

The cat, who Constanza calls Angel, gets around thanks to a wheelchair device created by his owner in Colombia

The contraption allows Angel to play with toys  and other cats in Constanza’s home 

She worked with her mother to create an amazing contraption, using a plastic bottle and wheels from a toy car, to help him get around.

Footage shared by Constanza shows Angelito as a kitten wearing a nappy and using tiny toy car wheels attached to a sock to get around.  

The cat is then seen zooming around the apartment and even going outside for walks.  

Constanza, from Neiva, túi xách công sở Huila, túi xách nữ thời trang on south central Colombia, said: ‘Angel arrived at a time in my life in which I questioned many things about the purpose of my life. 

‘I had many doubts and voids.I felt that he had saved me.

In video footage shared online, the cat is seen zooming around the apartment and even going outside for walks

The 15-day-old kitten was emaciated and had deformed rear legs when he was found. (Pictured: Constanza takes Angelito to the vets, who initially advised he be put down)

Constanza said Angelito came into her life to give her purpose and that he ‘saved her’

‘He gave a purpose to my life. I really feel like he was the one who rescued me. He came like an angel.

‘People think that animals with disabilities are unhappy animals, because maybe they cannot develop like other animals, but that is totally false.

‘Little Angel has no idea that he has a disability. 

‘He has developed normally.He is just as crazy, playful and happy just like the rest of the kittens.

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‘Every day you learn something new. He gives you life lessons. He showed me that he was brave all the time.

‘I felt that I should respond to him in the same way, being brave and accepting my mission, giving him a good quality of life he deserved in response to his struggle and his will to live.