RCS Innovations manufactures custom displays and provides digital solutions for retailers. We offer a comprehensive range of fully integrated products, services, and technologies to help retailers address the blurring distinctions between digital and physical environments. 

Consumers want a friction-free shopping experience

RCS Innovations partners with retailers to provide the experience that consumers seek. We can assist you at any level, from ideation through implementation, of both digital and physical displays that reduce store friction and enhance the customer experience.  

  • Our team provides a collaborative partnership with your team to meet your specific needs.
  • Our unique, innovative, core-value driven approach focuses on your definition of success. 
  • Our physical and digital solutions inspire customer engagement.
  • Our solutions help you enhance your brand and differentiate you from the competition.

&Go Friction-busting Technology

&Go is a unique SaaS system that combines the live benefits of brick and mortar with the instant gratification of the Internet. It answers the consumer’s need for immediacy by eliminating the annoying aspects of in-store shopping. At the same time, it decreases back-of-house product handling time and increases operational efficiencies.

  • Eliminates security case friction
  • Heightens brick-and-mortar BOPIS efficiency
  • Simplifies the entire Return process
  • Expedites hassle-free large item purchases
  • Makes out-of-stock items available for home delivery

Added Benefits

  • Consumer’s smartphone driven; no apps required
  • No interface to existing computer systems necessary
  • Uses exceptionally accurate, non-invasive, AI-driven inventory access methods
  • All sales are credited to the store they take place in
  • Scalable and easily customized
  • The system honors and rewards the customer’s valuable time

The customer experience is evolving

Customers want speed and convenience while having a more personalized experience and an enhanced feeling of control. RCS Innovations understands the consumer audience and can help evolve brick-and-mortars to the next level. 

Touchless e-Lockers

Powered by the &Go System

  • Complete locker access via smartphone: no paper, no codes, no buttons, no contact, no waiting
  • Available in metal or wood finishes to match any décor
  • High level security
  • Improves back of house operational efficiency, decreases required labor
  • Honors and rewards the customer’s valuable time

Eliminate Security Case Friction

You know BOPUS, but do you know BISPUN (buy in-store pick up now)? Our Touchless e-Lockers support both! We provide innovative digital solutions to help create a fast, frictionless experience for in-store shoppers. Consumers can:

  • Shop enclosed, expensive or oversized goods from their smartphone while in store
  • Pay when they are ready to leave
  • Grab their item(s) on the way out


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