Retail Security Reinvented

At RCS Innovations, we understand the challenges retailers face when it comes to merchandise security and employee safety. That’s why we have developed the Drop Deck Secure Case, a premium-grade glass display case that doubles as a secure safe for your valuable merchandise. The showcase features a mechanized platform that moves from the upper display position to a secure lower storage enclosure. With our innovative technology, you can finally experience peace of mind knowing that your customers, employees, and merchandise are protected!

Prevent Store Theft

Retail theft and inventory shrinkage cost retailers billions of dollars each year. As a jewelry store owner or retailer of high-value merchandise, preventing store theft is a top priority. Our Drop Deck Secure Case is specifically designed to display, store, and safeguard your valuable merchandise 24/7. The beautifully designed case enhances the look of your store environment. The display case platform utilizes our proprietary Stable Glide™ roller-bearing guide system for smooth, vibration-free ascent and descent. When closed, the automated display platform lowers into a metal-lined compartment, providing a secure and discreet storage solution.

Reduce Labor Hours & Increase Employee Safety

The Drop Deck Secure Case not only revolutionizes merchandise security but also enhances day-to-day operations. By eliminating the need to transport expensive items to and from display cases, you can reduce labor hours and the wear-and-tear on display props. Our fold-flat upper display access doors, equipped with friction hinges to prevent slamming, make merchandise retrieval safe and efficient for your associates. Additionally, our optional LoRa key system allows prompt customer service and eliminates the need for key sharing, promoting a safer working environment.

A. ¼” tempered safety glass

B. Secure lower compartment lined with 11-gauge steel and aluminum

C. Replaceable front and side panels

D. Fold-flat upper display access doors with friction hinges

E. State-of-the-art long-lasting maintenance-free components

F. Optional LoRa smart lock system for real-time store operations tracking and monitoring

G. Designed for sequential wiring of multiple devices

secure case


48″L x 24″ W x 42″H (Also available in 24” and 36” lengths).

The Drop Deck Secure Case lowers 10”.

Choose from a number of laminate finishes and can be replaced, if needed.

Yes! There is a one-year standard warranty.

ACHieving Real Results

“Given our brand has multiple jewelry stores, you can imagine security and inventory control are of the utmost importance. With RCS Innovations’ Drop Deck Secure Cases, we can better manage our merchandise, simplify our employees’ jobs, and sleep better at night knowing our items are safe.”

Joe G. , President, Kesslers Diamonds


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